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I'm Hardly Worth Your Time
    Jack knew what he was getting himself into. It was hailing, he was soaked, and there was a fairly good chance that his best friend wasn't even home, but God did he want this. His heart was racing in his chest -- and okay, maybe he was being reckless and a little stupid. Maybe Alex was in a committed relationship and had been for the past few years. Maybe you weren't supposed to fall in love with your friends. But Jack had never been one to listen to reason, and he wasn't planning on starting now.
He lifted himself up onto the tree branch next to Alex's bedroom. Adrenaline pumped through his veins as his fist connected with the glass, tapping a few times before hearing footsteps. The blinds shot up and the brown-haired boy peered out. He caught sight of Jack and smiled, opening the window and letting him in.
"You could've used the front door, y'know. Climbing through my window and almost giving me a heart attack every time isn't really necessary."
Jack smiled and shrugged.
"I like t
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God, I'm Sick of Sleeping Alone
      It was the first Christmas in three years that Alex wasn't spending alone. His parents were huddled up in the back bedroom per usual and his brother was staying on campus this year.
I met a boy at the park today and he's the first person that's smiled at me in what feels like forever.
He came over for dinner and didn't scowl when he saw the trail of beer cans to my parents' room or the groans that leaked through the thin walls.
His name is Jack and i've never met someone that's seemed this interested in me before. He just talks like he really cares to know what I have to say. And I actually believe him.

       This Christmas Alex wouldn't be decorating sugar cookies and gingerbread men alone, or setting up the tree by himself. This year he had Jack.
It's been a few weeks since we met, It's Christmas Eve, and he said he wanted to tell me something important. Maybe he has a new girlfriend. Maybe he's moving away. Maybe he found out my dirty secret. Maybe he likes me back.
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Sing Me To Sleep by pornographic-potato Sing Me To Sleep :iconpornographic-potato:pornographic-potato 3 5
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Can You Still Feel Me? :iconpornographic-potato:pornographic-potato 2 3
What is Happening by pornographic-potato What is Happening :iconpornographic-potato:pornographic-potato 5 47 nevershoutnever by pornographic-potato nevershoutnever :iconpornographic-potato:pornographic-potato 2 0 i by pornographic-potato i :iconpornographic-potato:pornographic-potato 6 17
     One minute she's there, and gone the next. I was always told that love isn't real if it's beautiful, but she was the only beautiful being on this Earth, I swear. I was also always told that you can't love until you see, so I guess I didn't love her after all. Seeing beyond to her imperfections was above me, but it sure felt like love when she was limp on the ground, and all I could feel for the next two months was the ghost of her once warm hands in mine. But maybe that wasn't love, either.
Maybe I was just lonely.
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An Introduction
      It took so long for me to even look at you, let alone say hello. Honestly, after all that ended up happening between us, I wonder if returning your smile was really the best idea. How small a "hey" can seem, and how huge it can end up being. It's almost suffocating.
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Mature content
You're the Rightest I'd Ever Wronged Act 10 :iconpornographic-potato:pornographic-potato 0 6
Mature content
You're the Rightest I'd Ever Wronged Act 9 :iconpornographic-potato:pornographic-potato 0 11





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